“Rob came in and assisted WCS as we were struggling to identify specific costs in today’s data driven manufacturing.  He did so in a professional as well as personal manner, showing results that gave us the information to make real and positive change”


- Tony

Winamac Coil Spring – Manufacturer

Business Opportunity: WCS produces a wide variety of springs for a wide variety of customers. REL 65 performed an assessment and identified 3 major opportunities. 1) Recast the financials for “throughput accounting”, 2) perform a robust analysis of sales to understand what is driving profits, 3) map the information flow for the ERP system and associated custom applications.


  • Throughput accounting clearly identifies 3rd party pass-through costs, value add (labor), and the various types of overhead.  It allows clarity for management and pricing decisions and helps drive business results.

  • Analysis of sales by customers and items with various groupings of each clearly identified the profit drivers and those that needed a price adjustment.  As a side benefit, costing issues and data hygiene issues were cleaned up as a part of the process. Trained WCS personnel on the update process and they continue to monitor & update quarterly.

  • The existing information system has been in place for many years and served the company well.  The high level system flow identified opportunities for improvement.  A project is now underway with guidance from REL 65 to modernize this critical piece of the business.