"A business is typically hectic to manage and even harder to take the time to make it better and run more efficiently.  I have found Rob brings a consistency that makes working on my business instead of just working in my business actually happen.  Which  is a necessity for any business, not just repair shops."


- Luke Bahler

Bahler Repair – Heavy Diesel Shop

Business Challenge: Luke Bahler purchased the shop after graduating from Diesel Mechanic school.  As the business grew, he was looking for help streamlining shop processes to ensure continued profitable growth. As the project unfolded he realized he needed help producing and understanding financial statements.
The Solution:

  • Documented a month-end process with clear responsibilities to drive accurate financials.  Redesigned the income statement to clearly show variable vs fixed costs. Coached various supporting processes.

  • Organized an area of the shop for Returned Goods and developed processes to ensure credit was received from vendors when parts needed to be returned.

  • Organized and labeled inventory in the parts room and established a physical count process.  Perpetual inventory accuracy has greatly improved.

  • Cleaned up the Accounts Payable process to ensure vendors are paid timely and duplicate bills are eliminated.

  • Shone a light on past due receivables and coached the collection process to free up cash for growth.

  • Developed a time tracking system to streamline invoicing.

  • Leading the process of implementing an information system tailor made for heavy duty shops.

  • All at a pace that produced quick returns on his investment